The Best is Yet to Come


Written by: Katherine Nocera

Have you ever been asked the question, ”What do you want to be when you grow up?” Over
the seventeen years of my life, I have been approached with this question countless times. Early on, in my elementary school years I responded with “an artist.” However, I realized quickly my drawing ability was not quite at the “artist level.” As the years went on, this dreaded question kept arising- at school, at home, even in casual conversations with strangers. And my repeated answer to that question was “I don’t know.” It is still, to this day, “I don’t know.” “But Katherine,” you may ask, “why are you going to university, if
you’re still undecided?” A perfect answer to the question is a little thing, a life savior-may I add, called an UNDECLARED MAJOR!

Selecting an undeclared major allowed me to choose courses without selecting a major
program to focus on. This was very helpful since, as you all may know by now, I am very indecisive about my future career. I feel that taking a variety of courses is going to help me discover my strengths and hopefully enlighten me on future career possibilities! Woo hoo! You may even be an individual who has chosen a major and is still hesitant about your future…I want you to know that we are all in the same boat. I think that’s what is going to make first year at Trent so relatable; we are all going to be exploring new boundaries, but at the same time may feel uneasy about our futures.

Maybe the question about my future career path will be answered this year…maybe not.
I really hope that I am able to reach anyone experiencing the same feeling I am. “The best is yet to come!” Even though some of us may be unsure about our future, we must be optimistic and realize that Trent University Durham is an opening to a bigger, brighter and clearer future! Until next time…

Ciao. xx

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