Top 10 Ways to Reduce Stress During Exams

Written by: Shannon Webb

It’s exam time and whether you have one or five exams, you’re likely stressed.  So let’s look over some great stress busting tips:

1. Lock Yourself In: Study in a non-distracting place where you can throw a hissy fit in private

2. Take Breaks: this sounds counter-productive, but when you schedule breaks it gives you something to look forward to and milestones to achieve

3. Spend Time with a Pet: have a dog or cat at home?  Take a 5-minute cuddle break with
your furry friend.

4. Plan Your Meals: before you have to hunker down in your room to study for a week (or more), plan your meals, or, at least, purchase groceries so you aren’t forced to eat out

5. Don’t Place Unrealistic Expectations on Yourself: you aren’t perfect (sorry), so don’t try to be, because it will just set you up for failure which will disappoint you

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6. Double Your Time: if you think it will take you 3 hours to properly prepare for your Statistics exam, plan to spend 6 hours instead.  This gives you time for breaks and inevitable distractions

7. Talk to Other Students: if you have friends that are students too, chat with them to vent your frustrations and worries.  They will understand where you’re coming from
and may have some good insight.  Being supportive of a friend, and providing some advice, may also help you gain perspective of your own habits

8. Use Technology (when appropriate): technology can be a huge distraction during exam periods, but you can also use it to help you stay on task.  Try an app like 30/30 which will help you organize your time and remember to start and stop

9. Use Services Available to You: Trent U Durham has excellent student services where you can get study tips, support and academic mentoring from students who have been there

10. Remember the End is Near: don’t panic because once these exams are over, you have at least two weeks off school to do whatever you want.  Seeing this light at the end of the tunnel will help you stay motivated and on task

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