Volunteering: Do Good! Do Fun! Do You!

Written by: Julia-Rose DiPalo

Volunteering is one of those things that many teenagers try their hardest to avoid. Their reason being “if I’m not getting paid, I don’t want to do it.” For many people just getting the 40 hours needed to graduate high school was a difficult task because of this mindset. Now, many of you reading this may ask, “Julia, what makes unpaid labour worth your time”? Well my friends, prepare to be opened up to the amazing world of volunteering!

It gives you a great feeling!

After leaving your volunteer position you feel like you’ve done something for others that made their lives a little easier and, even in some cases, a little better. My hockey team and I went to an old age home – we helped serve lunch, spent time with the residents and even sang some Christmas carols! Even though we sounded terrible, the residents looked so happy that we took the time to do this for them. The smiles on their faces were enormous! While I received no money for my time, the payment I received to my heart was

You can gain experience.

In many cases people volunteer in fields that they are interested in. As many of us do not know exactly what we want to do as a career yet, you can use volunteering as a method of trying out various jobs. For example, I have volunteered in various classrooms as I aspire to become a teacher. This gives me an upper-hand when applying for teachers’ college and
jobs as I will have experience that can be verified by others in the environment that I would like to pursue. So if you want to be a doctor volunteer at a hospital or clinic. If you want to be a journalist, volunteer at a newspaper or a magazine. There are volunteer opportunities in every field imaginable! Get out there to broaden your experience

It’s plain fun!

If you are bored, volunteering passes time, which is exactly what you’re looking for! When you’re sitting at home in front of a screen binge-watching Netflix and eating BBQ chips, think about all of the fun and exciting things you could be doing for your benefit and even the benefit of others. It is also a great way to meet new friends! As you’re beginning your university experience, volunteering is a great way to get involved on campus and meet
people. If you aren’t too worried about gaining experience then just volunteer in something that you are interested in, coach a hockey team or help at an art gallery. Get involved, and have fun doing it.

If I haven’t convinced you to volunteer yet, speak to others who have volunteered and they will assure you it is worth your time.

Arrivederci (See ya)!

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