How to Succeed During Your First Undergraduate Year

Written by: Shannon Webb

The first year of your undergraduate degree can be stressful and challenging.  Check out these tips to help make your first undergraduate year an easy transition.

Ø  Meet with your Academic Advisor:
these people know what they are talking about! Meet with your Academic Advisor (we happen to truly enjoy our Durham Academic Advisors, Craig and Jackie) to discuss your degree and for some suggestions on course selections

Ø  Stay organized:
whether you use your phone, computer, or good old fashioned pen & paper make sure to stay organized.  You are going to have a lot of deadlines that no one is going to remind you of everyday- so it is your responsibility to keep track of these.  Don’t miss deadlines!  It will lessen your credibility with your professors and significantly lower your grade.

Ø  It’s more than grades:
university is a great time to enjoy life and you should not only concentrate on marks. Grades are absolutely important, especially if you are planning to continue your studies after your undergraduate degree, but remember to get involved in the campus activities. Trent U Durham has great extra curricular activities- check them out here!

Ø  Attend classes & ask questions:
showing up is the first task.  If you don’t go to class you won’t know what your professor expects, values or thinks is important to the subject matter. These are all key components of doing well in a class.  Ask questions when you are in class and don’t understand the content.  How else will you know the answer, or where to find the answer?

Ø  Meet with professors:
at Trent U Durham we are very lucky to have small classes, which give us more opportunities to get to know our professors. Meeting with professors, especially when you are unsure of something in class or would like to discuss a mark, is important to bettering your own understanding and further education

Ø  Keep active & healthy:
you hear it all the time: eat well, exercise and treat yourself well.  It’s repeated because it is important and true- these are important parts of a healthy lifestyle and will help you stay
focused on school.  When you feel better you perform better.

Good luck during your first year of your undergraduate degree.  It is the beginning of a fabulous journey that will surely have its ups and downs.

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