Transferring from college to university – Scary but Worth It!

Written by: Eileen Magill

I wouldn’t be where I am today if not for Fleming’s “University Transfer Program”. In high school I was the typical rebel without a cause (you know the kind: that student you didn’t want to be stuck being partners with for an assignment because you would have to listen to hours about how “the education system is screwing us and who needs college anyway”). If I had to choose a turning point in my life, I would have to say grade 11 English class. My
teacher, who later on helped me land a volunteer position at the very school I wanted to get as far away as possible from, was able to see right through me. She assigned me extra reading and writing assignments – ones I would enjoy – and helped me understand that my love for reading and writing greatly trumped my egotistical and immature rebel attitude. It was then, that I decided I wanted to attend university for a degree in English literature. However, I had a huge problem to overcome: I needed 10 university level credits and only had college level.

So what was I to do? Well, this same aforementioned incredible teacher found a program at Fleming that allowed me to take Trent University credits in college, and thus I only needed my college level high school courses for admission. At first I was ambivalent, just like every other grade 12 who felt lost and scared about what was to come next after high school. Not to mention attending university didn’t really coincide with my “screw the system” attitude at the time. But I ultimately decided to give it a shot… What did I have to lose?

Let me tell you, the decision to ditch my crappy attitude and take a transfer program was quite possibly one of the best decisions I have ever made. The program offered the basics – English, Sociology, Philosophy, and Psychology as well as courses in how to write and complete research like a university.  The students in the program were somewhat like I was – confused, lost, not sure if they belonged – and this fostered an environment of peers-helping-peers and acquaintances becoming best friends. Although some discovered that university was not for them, I’m sure, any one of them would say the journey was well worth it. And as for me and many others, we could not have been more prepared for the years to come at Trent University. Making the transfer to a whole new school with new people, staff, and professors was a little scary at first. But the friends I made at Fleming were always there, even though we had chosen different majors. Did I feel behind others who hadn’t taken a transfer program? Absolutely not. Would I do it over again exactly the same? Definitely!

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