Get Involved at University

Written by: Billie Clark

Club and group involvement is a great way to expand and enjoy your university experience!  Trent Durham has a lot of really great clubs that you can get involved in.

I have been involved in different clubs, at both TrentU Durham and Swansea University (Wales) and I find them both fun and fulfilling.  In my first year of university I was involved in three or four different clubs and groups, including Pen Pals and the English Students Society.  In my second year I was part of a few different clubs, including the now-defunct Theatre Association and I tried some intramural sports.  At Swansea I was
involved in three clubs and two sports groups and it really enhanced my experience.  This year will be the year I’m most involved at Trent because I am part of this blog, Academic Mentoring, the leadership program, and I am running a brand-new club.  My club is Association for Animation Appreciation at Trent Durham, or AAA.  We are brand new, and were approved just in time for orientation.  The other two executives and I are really excited to running this club, because we think it will be a ton of fun, for us and TrentU Durham students – we will be holding weekly meeting where we watch different animated films and television shows, and every month we’ll be holding debates and quizzes.  It will be a low-stress club to help students unwind, relax, and appreciate animation.  I’m looking forward to an active and busy year, with clubs and classes!

Being involved in clubs and groups allows you to meet new people, make new friends, and enrich your university experience.  It is important to balance your academic and social life and university groups and clubs are a great way to do both, especially as TrentU Durham has a variety of academic-based clubs.

During the first full week of classes (September 14-18), the Get Involved week will be showcasing all the different clubs, groups, and societies available to TrentU Durham students. There are lots of ways to be involved at Trent – and there is definitely something fun for everyone!

There is a lot of information on the various clubs on the TDSA website, and I highly recommend getting involved, especially during your first year of university, because it will help make the year go by faster and help you get to know other students and faculty members.

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