Fall Start-Up: The Perfect Way to Start University

Written by: Julia DiPalo

So, what did you think? Did you have as much fun as I did?
Fall Start-Up was exactly what I needed to go into university, being
comfortable with my surroundings and the people I will be spending the next
four years with! The Trent U ambassadors were really cool and kept all of us
engaged, which was yet another bonus! Without them it wouldn’t have been the

I met so many awesome

I met a lot of people at orientation and I think that was one
of the best parts! These are people that I will be seeing around campus
throughout my time at TrentU Durham. This was also beneficial because I went
into classes on Friday knowing people I had met at orientation. My group leader
was fellow Student Life Blog writer, Billie Clarke. She kept all of us engaged
and having fun. I think it was important that all of us stepped out of our
comfort zone and joined into all the fun games we played.

The Drum Café

We all went into room 121 and saw tons of African looking
drums. Not thinking too much about it I sat down with my team and got ready for
the show. I then noticed that the drums were being passed around… and at this
point I got a little nervous because I have never touched one of these drums
before in my life. The Drum Café guys started playing their drums for us and I
was instantly fascinated! Then they got us involved and had us help them make
music which was AMAZING! I love music and playing instruments, so this was the
greatest thing that we could have taken part in. The guys from the band got
everyone involved and moving to the music! After that finished we went back to
our teams and played some more fun games, including Pictionary- which I
seriously suck at! We made our way to a club fair to see the types of clubs
that TrentU Durham offers to students to be a part of on campus.

The Concert

Doors opened at 7:00pm and the concert started at 7:30. I
went into this concert not knowing who either of these bands were, but I was
like “who cares!? It’s a free concert”. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Native
Other’s music but I could appreciate it! The moment that Hollerado stepped on
the stage everyone went crazy! All I knew about them at that point was that
they were nominated for a Juno award. I ended up really enjoying their music
and they put on an amazing show! Everyone was jamming out with them!

I had an amazing time at orientation and I met so many
awesome people! I can’t wait to see what else Trent has in store for us! I hope
everyone had a good time as well. Orientation was definitely worth the time and
I would like to thank everyone who was a part of putting it together! I would
100% recommend Fall Start-Up to students coming to Trent Durham next year!

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