Book Review: “All the Bright Places”

Written by: Katherine Nocera

Hello everyone! Before I begin, I want you all to
rewind about two months ago… It was the beginning of summer and I-of course- was
already bored out of my mind! Since one of my favorite past times is reading, I
thought that the perfect cure to this never-ending boredom was to find a good novel.
After searching long and hard, high and low, I finally came across a
book titled, “All the Bright Places.” The description of the book seemed
intriguing so I began to read…



The novel follows the life of a girl named Violet Markey
and a boy named Theodore Finch A.K.A “Finch”. Both characters are fighting
their day to day mental battles; Violet feels responsible for her sister’s
death while Finch suffers from depression. At the beginning of the book, Violet
and Finch meet on top of the school bell tower; ready to end their young lives.
However, when they meet, the thought of death suddenly drifts away. And when
they pair up on a project to discover the “natural wonders” of their state,
both Finch and Violet make more important discoveries about each other as well
as themselves.

Personal Review

First of all, yes, I admit that I am one of those
people who becomes WAAY too emotionally invested in books. From “The Hunger
Games”, to “The Fault in Our Stars” and now “All the Bright Places”…all have
managed to captivate my attention as well as my heart!

The book tells the story from the duelling
perspectives of Violet and Finch. I thought that this method was presented
outstandingly. Both characters have a distinct way of thinking, which made it
easy to transition into both point of views. The book also sparked my interest
in travelling as both characters venture off to discover what the state of
Indiana has to offer. And lastly, the story portrays the life of a teenager who
is suffering with a mental illness. I thought that the perspective given was
relatable, informational as well as heart-wrenching. It truly let me “see” into
the eyes of all those who suffer from a mental illness and made me more aware
of what others have to endure. To put it simply, this book was beautiful. Not
only did it cure my boredom but I cannot stop thinking about it and, as a
result, I recommend it to every person I meet.

On the “Katherine Book Rating” scale this novel
gets a 5 out of 5!

Where to find “All
the Bright Places”

am happy to announce that the book is available in the Trent University Durham
library! Whooo! Check it out!

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