Warning: This is Lowering Your Grades

Written by: Sarah Camacho

Let me ask you something, when was the last time you were up
at four o’clock in the morning, scrambling to get that conclusion paragraph
done, the night before an essay is due? I can tell you that in my entire second
year there wasn’t an essay that I didn’t write until the night before it was
due. Sleep definitely wasn’t a thing for me and apparently neither was getting
good grades. I can’t even make up any excuses for doing so, except the fact
that I wasn’t motivated to write.

It’s easy to get caught up in all
the readings and assignments and I don’t blame you- it can be a lot sometimes! For
me, the key to avoid procrastination is to assign a due date that falls before
the professor’s due date. I make sure that my essays are done five days before
the due date, so that I have those extra days to properly edit my essays.

Look at your syllabus and plan out
when all of your essays are due in your agenda. Then plan to start one or two
weeks before (depending on how busy you are) to at least start thinking about
your essay topic. By allowing yourself all of that time for your essay,
realistically you only have to spend an hour to two hours thinking about it.
The entire process becomes relaxing (if you can call it that) compared to
scrambling the night before and having to create your outline, write your essay
and edit all in one day.

I dare you to try this for at least
one of your essays this year and compare your final grade with an essay that
you’ve written the night before! I bet you will do significantly better! If you
try to use this process on at least two essays this year, you’ll realize how
you feel little to no stress. What I’m hoping is that, like me, you’ll slowly
stray away from procrastinating on assignments because the no stress route is a
lot more appealing than the stressful route!

next time!

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