Because I am a Girl: International Girls Day

Written by: Katherine Nocera

Millions of girls in the developing world are denied their basic human rights, simply because of the fact that they are girls. Each and every day females come face to face with unique barriers that impede their chance of surviving and opportunity.

Why is this, you may ask?

It is because of the global issue called: gender inequality.

Hey everyone! Today, I present you with an issue that is very important to me, and hopefully, also very important to you. A few years ago, my high school teacher introduced us to the concept of gender inequality. To be completely honest, I was pretty clueless when it came to the subject. One of the ways she brought attention to the issue was by introducing an organization called “Because I am a Girl.” I was very intrigued with this group, so I began doing some research. I found out that the main goal of the group was to engage girls, boys, men and women across Canada to join the movement for girls’ rights and gender equality, and support projects that transform the lives of girls around the world. And instantly, I was hooked! I discovered that there were many ways for me to get involved. One way would be simply from reading stories about the issues affecting girls, both in our own backyard and around the world. Or even by donating to projects that benefit girls! All the information about how you can get involved can be found on the “Because I am a Girl” website that is linked below!

But there is one way you can get involved right this minute…

Sunday October 11th marks the “International Day of the Girl.”  As a tribute, the organization set up a pledge on their website. And for every pledge Sears Canada will donate $1 to Plan’s “Because I am a Girl” initiative, so take the pledge and spread the word!

Overall, I really hope this post has inspired all of you to get involved with fighting gender inequality. This may sound cliché but your helping hand will make a difference-big or small- we have the power to inforce change. It starts with you.

Ciao. xx

Take the Pledge! –

Visit the “Because I am a Girl” Website-

Like their Facebook page for more information about upcoming events-

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