Pen Pals at TrentU Durham

Written by: Billie Clark

The TrentU Durham Pen Pals Program is running again this year!

Although the registration period is over, this is a great club to keep in mind for next year—it is a lot of fun and a great experience (and it also looks great on a resume).

The Pen Pal Program is open to all students at TrentU Durham, but in order to participate, you must register and complete a criminal record check (both of which sound more intense than they are). Pen Pals write three letters throughout the year to their elementary pen pal, whose grades range from 1-3, typically, and attend three event days with their pen pal. It is a wonderful opportunity to get involved in the community and learn new skills. Many students within the Pen Pal Program aim to be teachers, but it is not necessary to have that goal in mind.  PenPals

If writing three letters and having to commit to three meet days is hard to do, which it very well could be, there are other opportunities so that you can still be involved in the program. I myself have been a pen pal, and this year I am an Event Volunteer, which means I will be helping out at the first event day on October 26th. Event Volunteers attend the events and help run activities, but they don’t have a pen pal.

If you are interested in learning more about the Pen Pal Program, I recommend you get in touch with Nick Ashmore at

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