Reading Break: Study, Study, Netflix, Study

Written by: Sarah Camacho

Reading week has to be the most anticipated time of the year for university students. It’s probably just as exciting as Christmas! Us, Trent students are extremely lucky because we are blessed with two reading weeks. HALLELUJAH! As exciting as it is, it can still be a week full of stress. The common struggle is whether or not to loft around and do nothing or use the week to literally read.

I hope you aren’t reading the blog hoping that I’ll tell you that it’s okay to lay in bed all day and watch Netflix (even though it’s really tempting) but that’s not what I am going to do. It’s a given that a few days are going to be spent in bed, catching up on sleep and catching up with friends but prioritize your time! Unless you’re picking up extra shifts at work, you have seven days- SEVEN FREE DAYS!

I cannot stress enough the importance of getting ahead. It is so easy to fall behind on your readings. So, look at your schedule and organize everything into a monthly calendar. Take some time every day, whether it is a couple of minutes or an hour, to do some readings. Getting a couple steps ahead will make it harder for you to fall behind. It is also a perfect time to get started on assignments that are due after reading week. You have no distractions and no lectures- you have no excuse to procrastinate! Try your best to at least get started on these assignments…you’ll be thanking me later!

Also, if you need a place to study and you don’t want to study at home, come by the school and study in the atrium. The Academic Mentors will be there from 11- 4:00 pm daily to help with studying. If that’s not already appealing to you, there will be coffee, water and snacks. IN ADDITION, study netflixfor every hour you spend studying there you will receive 1 ballot to win a $100 gift card! If you can
stop by even once during the week, it will motivate you to try and get ahead. I encourage everyone to try and come by!
Now with that all being said, give yourself time to relax and do nothing! It has never hurt anybody! This is a week for all students to unwind, so use this time to recuperate! You’re going to need that energy for finals in a few weeks!

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