Life Saver? More like life ruin-er! A Halloween Tale

Written by: Katherine Nocera

Hello everyone and welcome to autumn! The leaves are falling and changing colours, the air is cold and crisp and most of all Halloween is just around the corner….BOO! There are so many festive things to do during the month of October. Carving pumpkins, raking leaves, drinking and or eating pumpkin spice flavor treats (#PumpkinSpiceLatte) and reminiscing on early childhood memories of Halloween. Now, notice I did not specify on whether these particular memories were good or bad. But, I can guarantee that they were definitely embarrassing! Yes, as you might have figured out, today, I will be putting all the cards on the table and telling you about my not so scary, but embarrassing Halloween memory.

At the age of six, like most children, your parents choose the Halloween costume you are going to wear. I am not sure if things have changed, but that’s how it was in my household. In Fall 2003, my mother decided to pick out an outfit that, till this day, I still cannot get out of my head. She could have chosen a cute ballerina or a scary witch but, no, my mom chose a Life Saver costume. Yes- the candy- a Life Saver. The top of the candy went over my head, and stopped at my ankles. My face was squished in a tiny hole at the front and I could barely move. I think it might have been one size too small. My whole body was as stiff as a…well…a Life Saver. Right when I was able to strip off the costume and run away, the school bus pulled up in front of my house. Fantastic. So I put my backpack on, and waddled outside of my house to the bus. I can only remember bits and pieces of the next few minutes, mostly, because my mind tried to block it out for many, many years.

I managed to climb the steps onto the bus but as soon as I walked down the aisle….SMACK! I fell, face first, onto the cold bus floor. Something I forgot to mention was that my house was the last stop before school. Which meant, the bus was fully loaded with my first grade peers. Since my costume was so tight, I was struggling to bring my knees to my chest and lift myself up. It probably took me an extra 10 seconds or so to get up off the ground, but honestly, it felt more like 10 hours! Everybody was laughing, I wasn’t sure if it was because of the fall or my costume, but it was so embarrassing! My face has never, till this day, turned the same colour of red than at that moment.

I sat in silence for the next 5 minutes….waiting for the bus ride to be over. Luckily, I wore something underneath my costume because the second I got off the bus, I unzipped the back and tore off that costume in record time.

Ever since I have chosen my own Halloween costume!

Ciao. xx

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