A Distraction from Academics: Fall Fashion Trends

Written by: Sarah Camacho

We are well into fall, with winter approaching quickly. I should’ve written this post sooner because nothing excites me more than fall fashion! Who doesn’t think of cozy sweaters and red plaid at the thought of fall?….oh and of course, pumpkin spice lattes haha!

Today I will be sharing with you my favourite fall trends for 2015. Let’s look at my all time favourite fashion trend for this year…RED PLAID!


pic 1pic 2

The picture on the left contains a fairly new fall trend which is the plaid ponchos. Now, I haven’t worn a poncho since the fourth grade, so I was a tad bit surprised when I saw this coming back. But I fell in love with it instantly. The plaid pattern gives a warm feel and having this wrapped around you gives you that extra cozy feeling on a cold fall day.

The same goes for the picture on the right, the oversized scarves have been in fashion for a while now and I’m pleased that they aren’t going away any time soon. These types of scarves are both fashionable and practical. They can be paired with a cute outfit like shown in the picture but with this wrapped around your neck and a warm jacket, it’ll give you that added protection.

pic 3 pic 4

Clearly, you can tell who my fashion icon is…Kendall Jenner, but how can it not be? Moving on, turtle necks, high necks whatever you want to call them are my second favourite fashion trend. The thinner sweaters that Kendall is wearing are such diverse pieces of clothing. On the left, she’s wearing her turtleneck very casually with ripped jeans and a leather jacket and on the right she’s dressed up her outfit more with duster vest and black boots. I think this turtleneck sweater is a staple clothing item that every girl needs.

pic 5pic 6

Staying on this high-neck trend, I want to bring some attention to thicker and comfier versions of the thin, turtleneck sweater. Thick, knitted, oversized sweaters always come out at this time of year. By adding a high neck, the comfort level increases like 20 notches.

This can be a simple outfit like the picture on the left. She’s dressed in all black and it looks so put together and simple. Comparing that to the picture on the left is more casual but more experimental with the textures. The pairing of the ripped jeans, with the pinstripe undershirt compliment each other and then the grey turtleneck pulls everything together. It’s the perfect combination of casual and class.

What I love about items like this, you can wear your hair done or in a high topknot and it looks cute and fashionable either way.

pic 7pic 8

Finally, duster coats are perfect fall coats, especially when it’s not winter weather, but summer weather has definitely disappeared. I like to call this a practical fashion item. This coat instantly dresses up an outfit without being too dressy. Paired with a simple outfit like shown in the pictures above or with a nice body con dress will look just as beautiful. This coat always makes me think of the city, so find an outfit and throw this over it and you’ll be ready for a day in Toronto.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what fashion trends I love this fall.

Until next time! xx

All images from Pinterest

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