Remembering Those Who Sacrificed

Written by: Shannon Webb

Remembrance Day is one of the most important Canadian holidays, remembering those who have fought for our freedom and the great country we live in. While war and its effects on society are not ideal, Remembrance Day instead thanks and honours those who have sacrificed their lives for the freedoms we often take for granted.

I personally have three people in my life who have been a part of the military and wars Canada has fought in: my grandfather, my grandmother and my husband.  I have seen the impact their involvement has had on their lives and those around them, both good and bad.

For many of us, war and the military is something we only experience through a TV or computer screen. The shield the technology or words on a page provide mean we don’t know or have to experience the sadness and violence in its entirety. We can live our lives comfortably without the concern of war or military violence looming over our heads. Yet, so many in this world cannot have the same peace. Countries that are war torn, within themselves or with other countries, have citizens who live their lives wondering when the next bomb will drop or they will be ordered to take part. We’re so lucky to live in a beautiful, peaceful country where we get to make our own decisions and live our lives without concern of war.

Let’s take our one day to remember those who provided their service and sacrificed their lives, through war and death, for the freedoms we have in Canada. We can acknowledge the men and women’s courage, strength and bravery through simple acts like donating to the Poppy Campaign, wearing a poppy and taking a moment of silence on November 11th.

Please join the TDSA at TrentU Durham on Wednesday, November 11th in the west atrium at 10:30am for our Remembrance Day ceremony where we can join together to honour those who have helped to shape Canada into a peaceful country.

If you won’t be on campus, Oshawa is also having a Remembrance Day Parade and Ceremony, details here: 

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