Who are the Trent Durham Student Association? Administrative Coordinator

Written by: Billie Clark

Considering we are more than half-way through the first semester, and by now most first-year students should be getting used to the TrentU Durham environment and most of the returning students should be totally back into the swing of it, it is now time to really get to know the Trent Durham Student Association (TDSA).

You’ll have seen them around, at events, in classes, or just on campus. In this series of posts I will be introducing you to the executive members of the student association and what it is they do. These are elected positions, and with this in mind and with an eye to the not-so-distant future, they have agreed to be interviewed and to share some tips and hints for students interested in running to be part of next year’s TDSA.

The TDSA executive is made up of three elected positions and one full-time staff position. The positions are Vice-President of Campus Life (Nicholas Ashmore), Vice-President of University Affairs (Chris Fernlund), and President (Shawn Murphy). The Administrative Coordinator staff position is currently held by Tiffany Tuttle.

TiffanyThe position of Administrative Coordinator, unlike the other TDSA positions, is not an elected position but a full-time staff position. Though it might seem a bit strange to start a series of TDSA posts with a non-elected position, Tiffany is generally the first face you’ll see when you enter the TDSA office: her desk is right behind the door. She graduated from the Human Resources program at UOIT with a BA. She has been the TDSA Administrative Coordinator for about 2 or 3 years, after applying and interviewing for the position.

The job of the Administrative Coordinator is mostly money-handling in different forms. Tiffany does the payroll for the TDSA executives and other student staff members a student employed by the university; at Trent Durham you’ll notice them working in the library and front office a lot of the time, plus many “behind the scenes”). Tiffany also does the bookkeeping and accounting for the TDSA tuck shop, as well as paying bills and signing checks. Usually if you need to pick up money from the TDSA (including benefit opt-out cheques) you’ll be sent to Tiffany.

A piece of advice from Tiffany: “If you’re interested in working in a school (especially a post-secondary institution), don’t limit yourself to the one you attended”. This comes from Tiffany’s own experience when applying for the Administrative Coordinator position on the TDSA, as a UOIT graduate applying for a Trent Durham position. According to Tiffany, it is important not to limit yourself when applying for a position, and that even if your experience comes from a different location or environment doesn’t mean that it isn’t valuable or applicable.

Tiffany is a very nice and personable young lady, so feel free to talk to her if you are in the TDSA office or if you see her around on campus.

In the next post, I will be talking about the position of TDSA President and (re)introducing Shawn Murphy.

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