The Battle Between Windows + Apple

Written by: Julia DiPalo

The battle between Mac and Windows has been going on for years. There are many people who will only use products from one of these brands. While they are similar in a lot of ways, there are some major differences that sway people to choose one over the other. I will go through benefits and downfalls to both brands.

The first benefit of Apple computers is the good feeling you get when looking at the products. The aluminum body and futuristic software makes you feel good about the extra money you spent on it. Mac computers also come with many useful software programs already installed such as Garage Band where you can produce your own music, iPhoto that can help you store your photos, and iMovie that enables you to create little movies. Owning a Mac computer is much better in terms of security and virus control. I have owned the same MacBook for over 2 years and have never gotten one security warning, whereas with my Windows computer before this it always contracted viruses. Macs also have a better build than the Windows computers, they have a full aluminum body, which is very strong and anything that gets on it wipes right off.


If you are a gamer, there are many more gaming options out there for Windows computers, as Apple just does not support as many games and some Flash. Windows also has a much larger variety of devices. Apple has the Mac Mini, iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and, the just re-released, MacBook. Windows’ software operates on devices from many different manufacturers such as; Lenovo, Dell, and HP. Windows computers also have the option of a touch screen, when Apple computers only have a trackpad/mouse. Windows computers are often times a lot cheaper than Apple computers. Most of you reading this are probably working part-time jobs and paying for your own schooling, in doing that the saved money when buying a Windows over Mac is often very important.

My Verdict

I have always, and will always be a Mac user. I love the look of the software; I like the simplicity. The hardware is flawless looking… it’s just very pretty! I love the fact that I have not had to deal with the annoying viruses that used to slow down my computer and cause it to take 20 minutes to open up Windows Explorer. Macs are very easy to use and very nice to look at. In the 2 years I have owned this laptop I have never had a problem with it and I would recommend it to anyone who asked me.

Where do you sit on the Windows vs. Apple debate?

2 Replies to “The Battle Between Windows + Apple”

  1. Mac itself is usually used in terms of editing software. In that aspect it is good although there are many programs that work fine or better on Windows. The hardware on a Windows computer can be swapped out and refitted at your own whim. However in a Mac computer it is extremely hard to upgrade and what you can change is very little. In terms of looks Macs come with their standard looks with very little variation but you can get a variety of different style laptops or desktops that run on Windows. The looks can be customized to your liking and they can be cheaper then a Mac.

    In terms of virus and adware that is your fault no the computer. There are more virus and adware for windows based computers because that is what the majority of the world uses. There are some for Mac but extremely less because of the amount of people who use them. However there are a multitude of ways to protect your computer such as anti-virus or practicing web safety (Ex: Dont visit dangerous sites, never download from shady locations, stay away from illegal sites like free movie sites). You have to be practice instead of getting infected and complain after. If you leave your door unlocked and head out somewhere only to come back to see you have been robbed you wouldn’t blame your houses type. You would have yourself at fault.


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