Getting Through the Tough Times

Written by: Sarah Camacho

We are now in the point of the year where assignments begin to pile up and everything gets crazy before it all settles down. The stress levels are high and the hours of sleep are decreasing significantly. Although getting those good grades are important, taking care of you is more important! Life is very hectic, but take time to look after yourself and make sure that you are doing okay during all the hustle and bustle.

I believe that every student should take a couple of minutes every day amongst all the assignments and the readings. I think that for every hour of homework, taking a 10-20 minute break to give your brain a rest is best. Use this time to eat some food, watch a little bit of Netflix, peruse Pinterest, play a video game anything that isn’t school related.

Exercise is extremely important as well! Going to the gym, working out at home or going for a run- ANYTHING! Slotting in exercise every night is going to help with your stress and energy levels. I feel like students easily brush exercise aside because it becomes a task, but I guarantee that you will feel less stressed and better rested after a workout- or even just some physical activity. TrentU Durham has intramurals you can take part in, which are fun and provide you some time set aside for physical activity. Check out for more information.
http:// www. buildingselfesteem/files/2012/06/you-are-important.jpg

It’s easy to put things before yourself especially when it comes to school, but for your well being you must make sure that you’re doing well. If you’re overwhelmed with school assignments and not getting enough sleep, you will not get the marks that you want or deserve because your brain cannot function properly. If at any moment you are feeling overwhelmed and you aren’t sure how to handle the stress, use the resources that you have at school. Don’t be afraid to seek help! There is nothing wrong with it. If you truly need to ask for an extension, then ask for one. What’s the worst that could happen? Your professor says no, but at least you asked. But there are also people on campus that you can book appointments with to seek guidance. Corinn Philips is available for accessibility and personal counselling, Jackie Orsetto and Craig Cameron are available for academic counselling, Jackie Tinson can help with writing essays and papers, Academic Mentors can help with getting through classes and tutoring and Percy Lezard is available for Indigenous counselling. To make appointments with any of these people, you can check the What’s Happening emails or speak to the front office.

This busy time will pass and then the holidays will be here! So keep your chin up, take a deep breath and hang in there! You got this!

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