WRIT 1001- Write On!

Written by: Julia DiPalo

WRIT 1001 is often times a cause for anxiety among students coming out of high school. It is a class solely based on teaching students about their writing habits; good and bad. It focuses a lot on grammar, sentence structure, and proper formatting. So far I have thoroughly enjoyed the class, though at times it is a little stressful… but what isn’t?

Going into WRIT 1001 for the first time was a little overwhelming, it was only my second day of university and this was a class based around grammar and writing. Being taught grammar had never been something that I enjoyed. Though instantly I loved the professor! Dr. Paxton keeps the lectures really relaxed even though a lot of us are freaking out about the content. Dr. Paxton has to be one of my favourite professors that I have come across so far, she knows that grammar is something that many people struggle with and yet she finds a way to teach it to us in the least stressful way possible.

Now 3 months into the class, I have learned SO much. In the first 2 assignments I have gotten back a common error I was making was comma splices. Dr. Paxton then went over them in class and it has changed my writing entirely! I have also had serious stress and anxiety when given essays to write. Even after just 3 months SO much of the anxiety is gone! Just from learning some easy rules to follow when writing.

writing skillsEveryone I have spoken to that is in this class right now has found it helpful in their own way. Many people who were not confident at all in their writing now think that they have improved tremendously. Others who were quite confident in their writing now know that they are making small errors in their writing that, when focused on, can make their writing even better. There is something for everyone to learn in WRIT 1001.

If a student going into first year next Fall approached me and asked if WRIT 1001 is worth it, without a doubt I would say yes. Writing is one of the most important skills people will need for the rest of their life and why not learn it from some of the most qualified people in the field? I did not think going in to WRIT 1001 that I would enjoy it or find it helpful, but it has been amazing! I would definitely recommend it!

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