How to Have a Stress-Free Exam Week

We at the blog are all (or have been) students in the same position as all of you: writing final papers, taking exams and trying to juggle everything else in life. We get it- it’s a rough time. So, we worked together to come up with some awesome ways to help you reduce or relieve your stress during this unavoidable busy time in your life.

Shannon says:

  • Check out the therapy dogs on campus during exams
  • grab a snack from the Salvation Army table in the front atrium
  • give yourself a break when studying- allow 20 minute relaxation breaks

Sarah says:

  • create study groups! It’ll take off the pressure and add some fun being with a group of people
  • Prepare study notes a week in advance, therefore you give yourself enough time to actually look through them rather than rushing to finish your notes
  • Don’t stay up late every night trying to cram everything in. Get a sleep, it’ll definitely help you with the exam and studying for it.


Billie says:

  • Have a warm drink handy (I like tea or hot chocolate)
  • Build a study playlist that will get you motivated and help you concentrate
  • Dress comfortably
  • Snack healthy

Jill says:

  • Create an enjoyable – but distraction free – environment. I like warm drinks, blankets, and supplies within an arms reach
  • Stay organized – set yourself up for studying success by setting aside 15 minutes daily to plan and prepare
  • Review your syllabus along with your notes. Not only will you ensure you have all the information you need (readings, lecture notes, etc) it will help you create a study plan

Stay sane- stay healthy!

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