Don’t Ignore Christmas, or Yourself, During Finals!

Written by: Sarah Camacho

With Christmas only a month away, it’s easy to become distracted by the Christmas lights, the decorations and all of the Christmas festivities. Unfortunately, being the university students that we are, a very unpleasant task stands in between us and our Christmas spirit…Finals. I’m sure everyone’s stomachs dropped at the mention of final exams, I’m so sorry!

Wasn’t life a lot easier when Christmas came before exams and we could properly enjoy Christmas shopping and Christmas baking (or is that just me? Haha)?

Since this is my final year in university, I am determined to maintain my Christmas spirit throughout all the studying and test writing. I figure that I’m not the only student that wants to do this, so lets figure this out together.

My favourite thing to do once Halloween passes is decorate my room with Christmas decorations especially around the area that I’ll be studying. I block off maybe an hour or two on the weekend, which acts as a study break and Christmasify my room (yes, I made up that word). This, to me marks the start of Christmas and it instantly changes the environment as it makes everything happy and festive.

Spotify becomes my best friend at this time of year. If I’m studying, making my notes or doing my readings, I’ll find a Christmas playlist to play in the background. This usually makes studying a lot less stressful and, can I say, more enjoyable? I also have a tendency to have mini dance breaks, which is necessary every thirty or so minutes!

xmas pic 2

I would also suggest doing Christmas activities with friends. Remember that you don’t have to study
every single day, all day. Go to Toronto with friends and visit the Christmas market, that’ll guarantee to put you in the Christmas spirit or do some Christmas shopping at the Eaton Centre and check out the windows outside of The Bay. My favourite thing to do with my best friends is stay in and hang out in our Christmas pajamas. We spend the night watching our favourite Christmas movies and do some baking!

Just remember that this is supposed to be a special time of the year and to try to not let the stress of final exams take away from your Christmas spirit. Think of all the fun that comes with Christmas as part of your celebration for successfully finishing your exams! Watch as many Christmas movies, bake as many cookies and wrap all of the presents that you can, but most importantly have fun and good luck on your finals!

Merry Christmas!


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