Welcome Back!

Written by: Shannon Webb

Hello TrentU Durham students!!  Welcome back to classes!welcome backThis time of the term is always busy: you’re beginning classes, figuring out timetables, buying textbooks, organizing the rest of the semester in an agenda/phone/other organizational method (hopefully!) and catching up with friends.  Never mind the fact that it takes an extra 10 minutes in the mornings to get out with extra layers, or removing the frosted glass effect from your car windows…

In this time, however, it is important to try to enjoy the start of a new term- and a new year.  It often provides new beginnings to changes in habits, perhaps resolutions, but it is also a time to be excited about new classes and new opportunities in the school.  As much as it is busy preparing for this term, revel in the fact that you don’t have any major assignments, essays or exams to worry about, get to know your professors and say hello to a classmate you don’t know.  This is what university is about: making connections and experiencing the learning process!

Enjoy this first week back to classes and exploring the new territory of your area of study- because before you know it, you’ll be writing an essay or preparing for an exam!

Looking to get involved in extra curricular activities this term?  Be sure to stop by the Get Involved Fair Monday, January 11-Thursday, January 14 in the Great Hall by the library!

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