Get Involved on Campus!

Written by: Julia DiPalo

As part of the university experience it is important to get involved around campus and find ways to meet new people. There are many clubs that TrentU Durham offers that are always looking for new members. If the clubs currently offered don’t interest you; the process to create a club is very quick and easy – contact TDSA. Some people I have become friends with swear by the clubs that they are in. I did go to one Trent History Undergraduate Society meeting in Peterborough (as I am there once a week for class) and it was so fun! Talking to people that are into the same things that you are is so nice! It also opens you up to the possibility of meeting new people that you may remain friends with for your entire life!

Unfortunately, I have not had time to join any clubs in first semester. Though I did take part in intermural soccer. It was so fun as students of all ages got together to play a sport and keep active. For some people it was their first time playing soccer, while others have been playing their whole lives. It is important to find time in our busy, reading-heavy lives to be active and keep our bodies healthy – remember a healthy body = a healthy mind. Soccer begins at 5:00pm on Monday evenings until 6:00pm at the Civic indoor fields.

Intramurals 1

If soccer isn’t your thing there is also intermural dodge ball that takes place on Wednesdays. I had night classes on Wednesdays in first semester so I haven’t been able to make it out to the dodge ball tournaments yet. I am hoping that I will be able to make them this semester. While dodge ball and soccer may not be your favourite sports, again you can always contact the TDSA to see about creating an intermural program that fits your sport style. I might see about starting an intermural hockey game once a week.

Clubs and intermural sports are a great way to meet people that you go to school with, talk to people who are interested in what you love, and a great way to stay active. It is crucial that as young adults we remember to fit time into our busy school schedules to have a social life and be active. These are both fun and exciting ways to do both of those things. I plan on continuing to take part in the sports, so I hope to see you there!

Got you convinced?  Check out the Get Involved Fair on campus today, through Thursday in the Great Hall in front of the library.  Clubs, and groups abound with information about how you can get involved!  


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