Tales from Residence Life

Written by: Jacob Blackburn

As a first year university student straight out of high school, I was absolutely terrified about entering this new chapter of my life. Furthermore, the idea of living away from home was as inviting as an artic desert. I chose the TrentU Durham residence because the campus was too far away from my home to make the travel back and forth everyday. However, it was still close enough to make the trip back on the weekends. The residence website was well laid out and had good examples of the different style of rooms. (I chose the one with two separate rooms, shared bathroom, and kitchen. To my relief that was the one I was accepted to!)
Jacob BlackburnMy next challenge was the loneliness. I have to admit, this was the most difficult challenge I faced. My roommate and I barely talked; it’s not that we had a “roommate complex”, he just kept to himself and I never wanted to bother him. Boredom quickly set in and not too soon after, depression. I kept focused on school and went home every weekend. I hated coming back and was always weighed down with resentment when it came time to return.

I can’t remember how long it was, let’s say a month, when Chandra, a Trent RA here at residence approached me, asking for a ride to class because he had broken his ankle and we shared classes together. Several days after that, he invited me to his room so that we could work on an assignment together. We started to hangout a lot, and before long I had my first real university friend. Chandra’s roommate, Sid, and I became friends too, and I started to become friends with more RA’s (Sara K, Joyni, Autumn, Sara D, and Druv) and some of Chandra’s friends (Darren and Cameron) because they would come visit him. Chandra told me that if I ever needed to talk about anything that “he could be a friend or a RA, whichever I needed at the time.” So we had a few heart to hearts. My depression, which at this point had become quite large, finally started to decrease; much like a balloon pierced with a sewing needle. Residence was becoming a fun place and I wasn’t going home as much on weekends. A small group of us grew really close and referred to each other as “The Res Family”. These people have no idea the impact they made on my life and how much they’ve helped me. The moral of this story is to always talk to your RA’s because “not all heroes wear capes”! These RA’s really are my heroes. I am finally able to call residence a home!

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