Taking the Summer Plunge: The Benefits of Taking Summer Classes

Written by: Jillian Yuill 

I get it: after a long semester, it feels like you need a break from school for the summer. But have you ever considered that taking a summer course might actually be the academic boost you need? Take it from someone who loves summer classes: you can’t go wrong when you register for summer courses.

I have taken many summer courses over the years. Sometimes it was to get ahead in my course load, and other times to diversify my knowledge. Whatever the reason, I have never regretted it, and here’s why:

Undivided attention: Between smaller class sizes and no other assignments competing for my attention, I had better focus and was more dedicated. I’ve earned some of my highest grades in summer classes.

Interest in the subject: I love to read young adult novels, so when Children’s Literature became available as a summer course, I jumped to sign up. Because I was so interested in the topic, the condensed reading schedule wasn’t only manageable, but enjoyable. Besides, any readings are more fun when you do it in the sunshine with a glass of lemonade!

group of young students boys and girls on university campusGetting it over with: The opposite of my last comment is also true. I dreaded taking a composition class, but knew it would improve my writing. I opted to take it in the summer because the condensed scheduled meant it would be over twice as fast. Funny enough, I ended up loving the class!

Getting ahead: By taking summer courses, I reduce my course load the following year. The year my son was born, I was able to take a semester off without compromising my ideal graduation date. For others, a reduced course load could mean more time to devote to studying, being able to work more, or just enjoying life.

Exploring other programs: Have you considered switching majors but are too afraid to take the plunge? Maybe your required courses haven’t allowed you to explore a wide range of electives that peak your interest. Summer courses are a great way to explore other disciplines before making the switch.

If these don’t make you consider summer courses, don’t forget these bonus perks:

  • Lots of parking and quiet places to study on campus
  • Getting to study in the sunshine with a cold drink
  • Online courses can allow you to be flexible with your study schedule

So take the summer plunge and sign up for a summer course today!

The 2016 summer course schedule is now posted at www.trentu.ca/summer and registration is open now!  Make sure to register today to get your spot in one of these awesome classes!

Hear from some other students who enjoy summer classes

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