Get Connected to your Generation: Why Millenials Rock!

Written by: Katherine Nocera

Hey everybody! Does anyone remember the song “My Generation” by the WHO? One of the lyrics went like this… “I’m just talking about my g-g-generation” ….well I am going to take Roger Daltrey’s word for it and actually talk about my generation. See what I did there? Yes, in this blog post I am going to be talking about the wonderful generation of “Millennials” and the abundance of awesome features that we bring into the world. Let’s get started…

# 1 We are Tech-Savvy.

There is no doubt that the majority of millennials are more technologically advanced then previous generations. We use technology for everything. No, it does not mean we are lazy but actually very efficient and adaptive. By this, I mean, millennials are able to utilize technology in every aspect of their lives to make it a little bit easier. Take university, for example, our generation is able to listen to our professor’s lecture, type 40 words per minute on a laptop, save it in our documents and retrieve it at home later! If I asked my mom to do the same thing, I am almost positive she would pass out…are anyone’s parents the same?group of friends meeting in the city center#2 We are Multi-taskers.

Millennials are known to be multi-tasking pros and are able to juggle multiple responsibilities at once. I think we need to give ourselves more credit for this feature. I mean, we can spend 3 hours at a lecture, go to work, write an essay and still have time to watch the next episode of the Walking Dead all in the same day. Amazing!

#3 We are Connected.

Millennials are known for being connected to social media at all times. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it! We are constantly connected to a viral world of information. I particularly think that this feature is what sets us apart from other generations. It’s a way for us to stay connected with news outlets, family, friends and virtually whatever else you’d like to connect with.

I hope that reading this blog post sparks an appreciation for being a Millennial! Not only did this blog post share some cool features of our generation but I also hoped it caused some personal reflection. As Millennials, we must recognize our privileges, that would have been inexistent to past generations, and use them to the best of our abilities! Until next time…


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