Plans After Graduation? Ummm Maybe?

Written by: Billie Clark

With Reading Week now behind us, less than half of the semester remains. This means that the 2015/2016 school year is almost complete; many students will be graduating in this upcoming June, the first to be held in Durham Region for TrentU Durham students. It is an exciting event, and I am looking forward to receiving more details when they are released, as I am among the students planning to attend the convocation ceremony.

Graduates Wearing Caps and GownsAs a final-year student, I have spent much of the year trying to plan what I will be doing once I am fully graduated with my B.A. I looked in to Graduate Studies and Graduate certificates, thought about looking for full-time employment, or attempting another B.A. Even now, as Reading Week has finished and finals approach, I am still not entirely sure what I am planning to do once I’ve crossed that stage and received my degree—but I have a plan.

I have been bouncing ideas around, and being asked “What are you going to do once you graduate?” by almost everyone within my immediate family often enough has taught me that a noncommittal shrug and a glazed look is not a good answer. I considered my options, my interests, my experiences, and my goals; I thought about costs and benefits; I thought about the things I knew I wanted, could work with, and didn’t want. I spoke to professors, advisors and family. I made plans and revised them, from small changes to complete overhauls. I tried not to think about it.

But now I have a plan: I know what I plan to be doing after I have my degree. Even so, it is still under construction, still constrained by uncertainty. Even during my fourth full year of university, I am hardly any more certain about where I will end up than I was when I preparing to graduate from high school. And I can’t help but think that the uncertainty is part of the fun! It’s just as important to enjoy the journey as it is to look forward to the future.

All I know is that I’m planning to commemorate this milestone in my life with grad photos! Happening on campus March 2nd to 4th in room 160, with a sitting fee of $15. You can book an appointment online or check out the posters around campus!

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