TDSA 2016-2017 Executive

Written by: Billie Clark

As I’m sure you’re all aware, the TDSA executives and the Board of Directors campaign and election was held a couple of weeks ago. The voting took place on February 12th and the results are up on the TDSA website []. I had the honour of chatting with the candidates and winners.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 10.29.35 AMThe three TDSA executives for the upcoming year will be Joseph Cassidy-Skof as President, Jaclyn Hrubry as the Vice-President of Campus Life, and Kayla Peel as the Vice-President of University Affairs. They are all extremely passionate about their positions and aim to improve the TrentU Durham campus and enrich the experience of the students attending our university.

The positions on the Board of Directors are comprised of departmental representatives. These representatives for the next school year are: Sam Richardson as the Director of Anthropology, Jagjot Samra as the Director of Business Administration, Dale Hamilton as the Director of English Literature, Nicholas Ryan as the Director of History, Alexandra Manikas as the Director of Psychology, and Emily Read as the Director of Sociology. They have all expressed their dedication to their majors, the students in them, and the students of TrentU Durham as a whole.

I wish to congratulate all the winners—I’m sure they will do a great job next year! I would also like to congratulate Jessica Nash on her near-win and her campaign as a whole. I hope that the students of TrentU Durham continue to become more involved. Congratulations, once again, to everyone who campaigned and to all those elected. And thank you to all the students who voted!

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