Balancing Work + School

Written by: Aliisa Moffatt

Time management? It is basically a foreign word to me and many university students. When faced with many tasks I tend to cram them all in last minute, cover my eyes and hope for the best. Working part time and going to school full time is by far one of the most difficult things that I have ever done.

Smiling waitress holding tray of drinks in restaurantGoing to work and working eight hour shifts, helping customers and doing various things in my department is not as bad as writing an exam or writing an essay, it’s just when I have two assignments, a quiz AND readings due and on top of all of that an 11 am class after working until 11:00 pm, it gets a little tough. Night owl is possibly the best word to describe me, I happen to be one of those people that instead of waking up at a decent hour and getting things done before work or right away I tend to stay up until I finish what I have to do and then sleep in until I need to get up. So, I guess one could say that time management is not my best quality when it comes to balancing work and school.

Commuting to school is also something that tends to take up a fair amount of my time, it takes me a minimum of 45 minutes and two buses to be able to get to my classes at TrentU Durham. I live in Oshawa, which tells you how bad the transit routes are. Considering it takes so long to commute, it takes time away from sleep, studying, or even spending time with my family or friends.

It is important that if you are balancing many different tasks that you find a happy medium for all of the aspects of your life. For example you need to have the right amount of hours if you have a part time job. Working more than 25 hours a week can become tough and can cause your grades to suffer. It also takes a big toll on your body, your health is more important than work. Work the right amount of hours that allows you to get your assignments and studying done with enough time and not the night before causing an all-nighter. When it comes to work you need to have a good amount of time to study, do assignments and still get a decent amount of sleep. Sticking your nose in the books too long can cause you to forget the things that you have been trying to remember. Study for an hour and then go grab a quick snack and stretch.

In our busy day to day lives it can sometimes become difficult to make time for things like assignments and studying but they are a basic necessity of doing well in school. You need to make sure that you’re healthy, happy and balancing all the important aspects of your life.

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