Going the Extra Mile

Written by: Aliisa Moffatt

A lot of people tend to ask me why I commute just to go to a small school. The answer is in the question, I love the environment of Trent U Durham, from the small classes, friendly professors and the free parking.

Living on residence can become quite expensive. When I was looking at what schools to apply to I looked into going to a university outside of Durham Region and the residence fees ran upwards of $10,000. For someone who only works part time and is relying on OSAP, let’s just say going away was not an option.


So, I decided it would be best to look into schools that are close and a little bit more affordable. My options were UOIT, Durham College and Trent U Durham and as you might have guessed I picked Trent U Durham. Living at home is the smartest option for me, so that I can save money and still be able to work throughout the week when I’m not at school. Another factor that made me want to stay home is that my dog just turned 12 years old and we are unsure of how much time we have left with her. The last thing I wanted was to go away and have to get a call from my mom saying that she is gone. My dogs are important to me and I’ve had her for most of my life. This way I can have the small class sizes, free parking and can still be with my dog.

Living at home has its ups and downs and it isn’t always easy. Home cooked meals and laundry done by my mom is definitely a plus, as well as my own bed to sleep in every night. But at the same time it is unfortunate that I can’t experience what it is like to live in a residence, make friends and go to parties just to have that cliché experience. At least by living at home and commuting my parents do not have to come pick me up from school every time I have to work for the weekend or during the holidays.

Sometimes commuting gets annoying especially when the buses are not on time. With the snow and terrible weather conditions it can make it harder to be able to get to school. There are definitely many positives and negatives to commuting and living at home while going to university, but I try my best to look at it with a positive outlook. If I’m constantly negative about the commuting or not living in a residence then I would never enjoy what I’m doing and school would just become something that makes me unhappy.

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