Education: The Foundation to Life

Written by: Katherine Nocera

Nelson Mandela said: “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” For years I’ve wondered what exactly this meant. How could spending hours at school help change the world? Now, however, while in university I believe that I am gaining an understanding of that quote.


Although it’s only my first year at university, I believe that my mindset has already changed. What I mean by that, is I am becoming more aware of the world around me. Yes, that sounds really cliché, but it’s the truth. I am looking at the world with a new found lens that allows me to view society using both a macro and a micro perspective. It is truly an amazing thing when you have the ability to gain awareness to the world around you from education. Something that many people take for granted.

I feel that university helps broadens our minds, makes us curious about the world, and about life. It helps us interpret facts about the world around us, helps one to form an identity, and to make our own judgements and choices. It is even giving us the base to make a global impact such as eliminating gender inequality, reducing poverty, creating a sustainable planet, preventing needless deaths and illness, and fostering peace. I do admit, it can be really difficult to realize it sometimes, but with each three hour lecture at TrentU Durham, we are developing our own views on the world. This not only develops us as students, but also as competent members of society who have the ability to change the world.

I really hope all of you reading realize the privilege of education. Listen to Nelson Mandela and use your education as a tool to help change and improve the world for many generations to come. Until next time…

Ciao. xx

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