Lip Sync Battle 2.0: Fake-singing away real stress

Written by: Billie Clark

On the evening of March 30, the TDSA held its second-annual Lip Sync Battle Stress Busting Event. Held in the atrium from 5-6 pm, the event had a good turnout, with most of the chairs in front of the stage being used, and with many students studying at the tables around the room. I spoke to Kristen Castaldo, a final-year Women and Gender Studies major, and asked her why she came out to watch the Battle. She had attended the event last term and said: “I had a really good time the first time and am ready for round two…they should do [the Lip Sync Battle] every month, not just twice a year.”

The first round of the competition had six performers, while the second round had five. I spoke to two of the performers, Taylor Dobbs, a second-year English-History joint major, and Aubrey Aguilar, a final-year Psychology major. When asked why he wanted to preform, Taylor said that it “Will be fun!” and that he was looking forward to making a fool of himself. Aubrey was also onstage last term for the first Lip Sync Battle, and she was really looking forward to getting up and doing it again: “I had a lot of fun last time…This is just me goofing off, but both times were a lot of fun.”

Taylor- Hello- lip sync
Taylor singing Adele’s “Hello”

The competition was strong, and the winners were truly deserving. In first place, first-time participant, Taylor Dobbs. Dave Kirkpatrick, the previous winner, came in second, while Jessica Carmelo came third. All of the winners and participants received TrentU Durham swag bags.

After the competition, the stage was opened to the audience for a Freestyle lip sync. Everyone who participated in the Battle and Freestyle, and the audience, had a great time. Megan Duffett, a second-year English major, stated that the event “was a lot of fun and its awesome to watch when everyone is stressed out this time of year. Everyone was really good and had a lot of fun with it!”

I asked Nick Ashmore, the VP of Campus Life, about how he thought the event went. He told me: “It is always fun running the Lip Sync Battle because everyone enjoys it: it’s fun preforming, and fun for those watching. The Freestyle afterwards gives everyone a chance to get involved. It’s exciting seeing who picks what songs!”

Given the reactions, we hope to see them continue on this campus in the future.

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