My Summer To-Do List

Written by: Billie Clark

Now that classes and exams have ended, it’s time to start making some summer plans. I know that most students plan to work during the summer—earn some spending money, save up for next year’s tuition, gain some experience—and others are planning on taking some of the summer courses offered at TrentU Durham. But what else are you planning to do this summer? If you’re unsure, I have a few suggestions.

One of the things I’m planning to do this summer is read. As an English student, I tend to read a lot for my classes, but there are few times during the school year when I am able to sit down with a good book and read for pleasure. Every year I accumulate more books: novels, manga, and interesting non-fiction; after all, I have been an avid reader for many years, so gift cards and books make for great presents. Every summer, I plan to read them. Hopefully, this summer I actually will.

If you aren’t keen on spending all your free time with a book in hand, I suggest day-trips. These may cost a bit more money, but if you have a TrentU Durham bus pass you can use it on the DRT until the end of May, which might help you get around this spring. I live north of Port Perry, so trips to Toronto are somewhat uncommon for me—that’s why I suggest day trips to cure summer boredom. I love going to the ROM, and I want to hit up Ripley’s Aquarium soon, but I also just enjoy spending a day wandering around somewhere different with a few friends.

If you’ve got the time, and the inclination, there are also the conventions that happen during the spring, summer, and early fall. I’m pumped for Anime North at the end of May; there’s Fan Expo over the Labour Day long-weekend; and there are other anime and comic conventions throughout the region during the summer. These conventions can, admittedly, be a bit too nerdy for some people.

Some other fun things to do during the summer are the beach, the movies, concerts, festivals, and even exercise. There are some very nice bike and walking trails, if you don’t mind heading towards Uxbridge or Orillia. I also love heading to amusement and theme parks, like Wonderland. And there are a ton of zoos nearby, if you want to see some animals. But the number-one thing I would recommend is to try and make a point of spending time with your friends—nothing makes the summer better than getting to see someone you enjoy spending time with!

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