A Message to our Graduating Class

Written by: Justin Fisher, Director, Student Affairs – TrentU Durham

Almost two-decades after graduating, there are more things I don’t remember from my undergrad years than I do. This realization came late last month while reminiscing with a close friend from university.

A few worthy university memories include:

  • The horrible gut-rot from drinking equally horrible coffee while pulling an all-nighter with my classmates.
  • Almost missing my train to class as my commuter-crew HAD to make a last-minute McMuffin run.
  • A dozen of us stripping down to our skivvies and taking a jog around the neighbourhood when classes were cancelled due to a snowstorm (note: I don’t recommend this… and, at the very least, keep your shoes on).

The memories that remain are not from the classes I took, especially the content of the classes, but from the friendships that developed.

As you look back at your time at Trent, you will undoubtedly have vivid memories of happiness, sadness, struggles, and excitement. Reflect on your challenges and triumphs during your time as an undergrad and rest assured that the most important memories will not fade.

Cherish the friendships you developed and know that, like life, they will morph and change. With a foundation of aligned values and shared experiences, a small handful will develop into life-long friendships where, years from now, you will reminisce together of your time at Trent.

Congratulations on graduating from your undergrad. I’m excited to see each of you cross the stage at convocation on Friday, June 3rd. RSVP right now at www.trentu.ca/durham/convocation

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