10 Unique and Affordable Gift Ideas to Give Your Mother on Mother’s Day!

Written by: Katherine Nocera

Hey everyone! As you all know, this Sunday is Mother’s Day! Out of all the occasions throughout the year this is the one I most struggle with. Why, you may ask? Every year it’s the same scenario, I really want to get my mom something memorable and thoughtful but I don’t know what gift to buy that will express those feelings. And let’s be honest, as a university student who just finished first year, I’ve got less green then a golf course- If you know what I mean! I am pretty sure that some of you reading are going through the same trouble as I am, I have complied a list of affordable and unique gift ideas. Let’s get started…

  1. Make Your Mom a Playlist for her iPod or iPhone.

At very little cost, you can make a playlist that consists of some of her favourite songs from the oldies or even recent music. And every time your mom is jamming out in the car to Drake or Bon Jovi, she will think of you!

  1. Make Your Mom a Custom Recipe Book.

Go to a recipe site such as Allrecipes.com and print out some recipes-free of charge- that you think she would enjoy baking or cooking! Put it in a fancy binder, decorate it and call it a day.

  1. Make a Charitable Donation in your Mom’s name.

Something as easy as donating money to your mom’s favourite charity and noting it in a Mother’s Day card will absolutely make her smile!

  1. Cook Mom a Meal.

This is probably one of the most classic Mother’s Day gifts but it is nonetheless one of the best!

  1. Share a Memory.

If you enjoy writing, try recalling one of your favorite memories that you and your mom share and make it into an elaborate short story to share with her on Mother’s Day.

  1. Make a craft.

If you are a crafty person, try making a DIY Mother’s day craft that you find online. A great website is Country Living. Check it out!

  1. Letter of Appreciation.

Mother’s Day is a time to sit down and reflect on all the reasons your mom is awesome. Why not write those reflections in a hand written letter and give it to your mom on her special day? Warning: This gift is a severe tear-jerker.

  1. Fill up your Mother’s Car with a tank of Gas.

This may not be the cheapest gift but it nonetheless is a thoughtful gesture and something that your mom will appreciate.

  1. Schedule a Day-Trip.

Write a list of fun activities that you and your mom can do on Mother’s Day. Try researching nearby activities and plan the whole day together–whether it be going to a park and having a picnic or an afternoon at the spa!

  1. Plan a relaxing evening at home.

There is nothing like putting on cozy PJ’s, watching a movie on Netflix and eating snacks! Something as easy as this will allow you to spend quality time together that your mom will always cherish.

As always, I hope that this list has helped end your frantic search for a gift to give your mom on Mother’s Day! Until next time…

Ciao. xx

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