My TrentU Durham Experience: End of First Year

Written by: Katherine Nocera

Hey everyone! To begin, I want you all to flashback to the month of August…it was in this month in which I wrote a post titled “To Worry or Not to Worry?”  Basically, it summarized my thoughts and feelings about Trent Durham before I attended the school. Well…it is now May which means that I just completed my First Year of university! Whoo hoo! So without further ado, I will try and summarize what I’ve learned and realized during these last seven months in hopes of easing the worries of future Trent students!

First of all, please take it as advice when I say that university readings pile up fast! I found that this aspect of university was very different from high school. Not necessarily more difficult but definitely different. I do admit that between lectures, essays and projects, course readings were sometimes pushed aside. But I soon realized that it was important to stay on top of all the readings –it really helps with studying. Plus, textbooks are not cheap so you might as well try to get the most out of them!

Next, university is filled with different opportunities. I was pleasantly surprised with the number of clubs and resources available at Trent University Durham. I took advantage of the Academic Skills service which helped to organize and edit essays and assignments. I also joined- as I am sure you are all aware- the student blog. I highly suggest for any first year students to get involved in any club or program that you are passionate about because it makes university enjoyable and you get to meet a lot of great people!

Lastly, while reflecting on my first year of university, I think the important thing to keep in mind is to not take anything for granted. First year-no doubt- is stressful, but instead of wishing it all away it is important to recognize how lucky we are to be attending school. Trent University Durham gives us access to incredible professors, great classmates and a welcoming community. It made my first year at university very enjoyable and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the years to come!


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