Not a Mistake, just a Lesson Learned

Written by: Aliisa Moffatt

When finishing up my first year of university I started to look back on the memories and memories that I have made and the accomplishments that I am proud of.  There are many things that I have done this year that pushed me further away from my goal and there are also many things that are helping me to achieve my goals and aspirations.

Some rewarding experiences that I had during my first year at TrentU Durham are:

  1. The Pen Pals program: This program showed me what my true goals and aspirations are when it comes to a career. By working with the elementary school students it helped me to realize that it would be an incredible job to be able to work with students. Working with kids has always been a dream job to me but now I will be perusing that. If that isn’t a rewarding experience then I am no sure what is.
  2. Living at Home: Many of my friends have gone off to live in residence for college or various universities whether they are in the province or not, and have found that it is not easy to live with a stranger or by yourself. Their parents have to drive them back and forth from school to home when they want to come back for a weekend or a break, and do so many other things for them. But living at home has opened my eyes to how much my parents and family do for me, from my mom doing my laundry to my dad cooking dinner and even my brother helping me succeed in the things that I do. It was a rewarding experience because I became more appreciative.
  3. Friendships: Personally, the most rewarding university experience was realizing that having an endless number of friends is not the most important thing. Having a small circle of friends always works best. This year, at the beginning of the year I started to worry because I didn’t have that many friends, I later realized that everyone is busy worrying about themselves and they don’t always worry about you first. I finished the year with a group of about 10 people and about 4 really close friends that I talked to on a daily basis and I could not be happier about that. They are the kind of friendships that I will never take for granted.
  4. Financial Status: Paying for schooling whether you are going to be a doctor, teacher or even a massage therapist is not cheap. Paying for my own textbooks and education was an eye opening experience. It showed me that I need to be smarter with my money and cannot just throw it away all willy nilly. It taught me to learn how to be wiser with my money and how to save for certain things that I need rather than want.

My first year of university has definitely been something that I will not forget. It has taught me lessons and shown me that I have so much potential, that the list of things that I can do in this world is endless. Although there are good days and bad, at the end of the day university has been one of the most rewarding experiences.

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