Preparing for the Graduation Dinner

Written by: Billie Clark

Convocation on June 3 is fast approaching, even if it feels like it’s ages from now.  But before that is the Grad Dinner, on the evening of May 27.

The weekend of May 27 has been in my schedule since February, because that is the weekend I’m going to Anime North in Toronto—I’ve even got a hotel room booked! But I didn’t realise until I was getting ready to book the Grad Dinner off from my job at McDonald’s that, in my excitement about both events, I had managed to double-book the night.

At first, I was planning to rescind my RSVP.  But I decided that attending the Grad Dinner would be an important experience, and one I didn’t want to miss.  I’ll be seeing nerds in costumes wander around all day on Saturday and Sunday: I don’t need to wait in that massive line on Friday night when I could be at a lovely dinner, enjoying some final moments among the other TrentU Durham grads.  Plus, I’d feel bad to bail on my date—my mom is really looking forward to going with me.

As I’m writing this post, there are about ten days until the dinner. Ten days until I listen to speeches, watch awards being passed out, and spend a final night with some of my friends, peers, and professors.

I’m not sure what to expect, really.  I’m sure it will be a great night, but the prospect of being one step closer to the end of my four years as an undergrad at TrentU Durham, the more I feel like the future is looming.  I know that I’ll be back at TrentU Durham next year, but I also know it will be different, and that after next year I will probably be doing something completely different with my life.

These are the sorts of things I’m thinking about as the Grad Dinner approaches.  I’m also trying to figure out how to introduce my mom to all of my amazing professors and faculty in the least embarrassing way possible.

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