Convocation is on June 3rd

Written by: Aubrey Aguilar

In the midst of all of the madness that comes with thinking about the future–the good, the bad, what we know now, and what we have yet to find out… take the time to appreciate and celebrate how far you’ve come.  It can be really easy to overlook your accomplishments when you start venturing outside the comfort zone of being a student. Just being out in the real world is a scary thought. But I hope you find comfort in knowing that we are all going through this together. I hope you find that valuing the past and the present is just as important as planning out your future. I hope you find that graduating university is an amazing accomplishment in itself, because it’s not just a testament to your hard work, it’s also a testament to your resilience and dedication, your sacrifice and perseverance. You already have all of that under your belt, and from here on out, you can be successful in whatever you do!

So if you’re graduating this year, please take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back. Take a moment to celebrate; Convocation is on June 3rd, and this is the perfect opportunity to do just that with people that you have made amazing memories with! If university wasn’t particularly a great experience for you, I hope you know that you’ve accomplished amazing things. You have so much ahead to look forward to, and I hope you find that that’s definitely something worth celebrating.

Most of all, I hope you all embrace the parts of your lives that you have yet to build for yourselves. As graduates, we are at such an exciting yet daunting time in our lives. We will never have as much time and freedom to construct, deconstruct, and restart our lives as we do right now… It might seem like we’re racing to pull everything together as fast as we can, but I think the world starts to look a little friendlier when we don’t look at life in the form of timelines and deadlines. Now’s the time to embrace the goals that you once didn’t have room in your life for. Now’s the time to experience your bucket list. Now’s the time to establish some stability. But if you ever feel like your heart, desires, and thoughts lie elsewhere–you can explore those aspirations with reckless abandon, as well.  We’ve never been, and never will be, as free to experience as much stability, but also as much spontaneity and change as we would like. So spend your days collecting experiences. And most importantly, spend your days celebrating them. Convocation is on Friday, June 3rd, 11:00 a.m. at the Ajax Convention Centre. Bring your friends. Bring your family. And of course, bring yourself.

Click here for the event details: Convocation

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