Why Attending Summer Courses Can Make You More Successful

Written by: Jasmine Robichaud

I know what you’re thinking. Give away my summer to sit in a poorly ventilated classroom? Never! But fear not my friends, I can tell you why doing exactly that may save you some time and add some spice to your stay here at Trent!

Choosing to register for summer courses is usually a choice initiated by a challenge on the road to your degree. Pitfalls like failing a class, a low GPA, or perhaps you’re low on credits to graduate. Otherwise, why would someone choose to enroll? I can tell you why!


Going to summer school helps you to not only move closer and closer to finishing your degree, but you also have the chance to enhance your skills. By going to summer school I was able to enhance my writing skills, networking, and how I study. I also found that the more I was at TrentU Durham, the more I wanted to be involved. Now I’ve joined clubs on campus and pride myself on networking with new people. As I am going into my 4th year, I am thrilled to know that I will be able to polish my skills and take more action in my community while looking ahead to future opportunities during the summer as well.

This is why, from my experience and in my opinon, it is extremely important to dabble in summer courses and test the waters. I know it seems nerve racking, but when it comes to your education, it can be exciting. Learning is a process that already occurs every day! Engaging in a new class might be that next step for your program or it might open many doors you didn’t even know were there.

So what are you waiting for? Start looking into your options for Summer courses next year. Find out what you’re missing out on!


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