Time Management and University

Written by: Jasmine Robichaud

Have you ever had one of those days? Test tomorrow, paper due Monday, work on Saturday 11-6…. A thousand rushing thoughts in your head and you feel like you can’t catch a break? Say no more! Today I’m going to give you five tips as to how you can better manage your schedule and stop those headaches.

  1. Buy a Calendar

Do not add your schedule into your phone. Why? Because it’s been scientifically proven when you write something down physically pencil and paper, that you’re utilizing more of your senses, therefore, you’re more likely to remember. Go to the Dollar store and pick up a calendar, it helps! Also, visualization certainly helps to plan for that get together you’ve been holding out for!


  1. Write down Goals and make them achievable

As soon as you find out you have an essay or assignment due, start writing down the steps it takes to complete it. Form them into goals and set dates. Adding them onto your calendar makes them tangible and more readily understood by yourself. Even if you start off with “Finding a Topic” and then “Performing Research to find Articles for Literature Review”, you’re one step closer to the end goal. Overwhelming yourself is never smart!

  1. Set Alarm Reminders

Set alarms on your phone with the title of the activity that you’re supposed to be doing. In this way, you can be mindful of when you’ll be doing it that day and how long you intend on performing this task. Now you know when there’s time for me time and having time for yourself is essential for performing to the best of your abilities!

  1. Assert Yourself

When it comes to properly managing a schedule while attending University and working a part time job, asserting yourself is essential. If you can’t work that Sunday because you have a term test on Monday, communication with your immediate supervisor is key. If you know that your work schedule is going to be heavy the week of an essay due date, communicate with your professor about an extension. Communication is really important, and you are only human! Rome wasn’t built in a day and it certainly wasn’t expected to be built in 3 hours after finishing an 11 hour shift by one person.

  1. When you have free time – JUMP START

The one thing you may quickly learn about time management is that every inkling of free time is golden in terms of getting things done. Even if it’s a 15 minute break, start reading through your syllabus and jump start some brain storming. If you have 3 hours between class and work, go home and start some laundry and maybe start writing your cue cards for an upcoming exam. Starting things ahead of time has never been a crime, and let me tell you first hand the relief is amazing when it’s done early.

All I ask is try one or two of these tips and see how they work for you! Time management is all about organization and as a University student being organized is mandatory. Taking the time to try some of these things may only be beneficial. Hope you’re all enjoying the summer!


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