After the Grad Dinner

Written by: Billie Clark

A few Friday nights ago, on May 27, was the Graduation Dinner at the TrentU Durham campus.  It was an extremely pleasant evening—the food was good, the company was great, and the speeches were short.

Every grad who came to the dinner received a hardcover copy of Dr Seuss’ Oh the Places You’ll Go as a memento/yearbook.  There was area for grads and their guests, friends, profs, or whoever else they wanted, to have pictures taken—complete with professional photographer and hashtag boards.  I managed to get a few pics with some of my friends, and my mom.

Before dinner Joe Muldoon said a few quick words, but the speeches were saved for after we ate.  Dr Joel Baetz gave his “Last Lecture” to the students in attendance that evening—it was personal and thoughtful, and absolutely lovely.  Nick Ashmore, the 2015-2016 Vice-President of Campus Life, spoke to, and on behalf of, the graduating class. This lead to applause for all the grads, the professors who have taught us so much, and the staff and other faculty that have supported our growth and development.

The most exciting part of the evening were the awards.  There were two awards presented on Friday night, and I am honoured to know both recipients rather well.  Aubrey Aguilar, a writer for this blog and a wonderful individual, won the Citizenship Award for her involvement in the TrentU Durham campus and community.  The other award, the Alumni Recognition Award, was actually won by me.  It was so embarrassing to hear the alumni presenters list off all of the various extra-curricular activities I had been involved in over the past four years.

I was able to get some great people to sign my yearbook, some nice pictures taken by a wonderful photographer, and enjoyed a lovely dinner with my mother.  Then I got to spend the weekend trying to forget how I dropped my plaque on the floor in the middle of a final speech being given by Joe Muldoon.  I can still hear the sound of it hitting the floor…  But otherwise, it was a wonderful evening, and I am really looking forward to the Convocation ceremony.

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