Get Involved: Start a Club on Campus!

Written by: Katie Cassin

Getting to know people on campus was a lot easier said than done for me when I started at Trent Durham. I was what some call a “drive-thru student” until this past year. I went to class, chatted with other students about schoolwork, and kept on top of my readings, but I never really stuck around.

What finally made me get involved was creating my own club on campus. Sure it took a few pushes, and the occasional person saying “hey, that’s a great idea!” for me to finally get the club started, but I eventually did it, and it has made my University experience exponentially better.

That’s right, folks! I’m skipping the drive-thru. I will be dinning-in from now on!

So, after a tremendous year, I am proud to say that I truly believe that everyone should want to start a club on campus. Does that sound a little crazy? Sure it does! But, the truth is that it is very simple to do, and only takes a few simple steps…

Step One: Figure out something you like.

For me, this was Improv. I had been taking Improv classes outside of school, and every time I told someone this on campus, the reaction was extremely positive. So I thought “meh, why not? Improv does seem like a very college-y thing to do, maybe it’ll be a hit.”

Step Two: Talk to the VP of Campus Life

Her name is Jaclyn Hruby, she is super nice, and will help you get started. She’ll let you know what you need to start a club, and will help you once it’s going! You will most likely find her in the TDSA office, Room 122, across from the café.

Step Three: If you haven’t already, find some of your people!

Ask around, write a post in any of the Trent Durham Facebook groups, and if you’re as ridiculous as I am, linger at the clubs and groups booths in September and January, and make some new friends!

Step Four: Book your first meeting.

If you’ve been approved, it’s time to officially begin. Set a time for the first meeting, ideally when there’s a break in classes, and meet your people.

Step Five: Do what you set out to do!

This is the fun part: doing it! Our group met for an hour, once a week, and played Improv games. But, I encourage you to set things at your pace, do what works best for you, and have fun! That’s what getting involved on campus is all about.

So, do you have an idea for a club you want to see on campus? I say that you should do it! I know the thought of it can be a little intimidating, but take it from someone who jumped into the deep end this year, when I was crazy enough to start my own club: it’s well worth it.

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