Summer Job Hunting Tips

Written by: Katie Cassin

Summer is upon us, and that means finding ways to fill the large gap of time we have until we hit the books once again in the Fall. Some students get ahead by taking summer courses.  Others take advantage of the time off by traveling, and if you’re like me, you spend this time desperately looking for a job, and hopefully working until school starts back up again.

Searching for a summer job hasn’t always been an easy task for me. Although, for my very first interview, I really hit the jackpot. After being asked a few short questions about myself, I was offered a job on the spot. So, it seemed to me that finding work couldn’t get much easier. After a few comfortable summers there, I decided that I wanted to expand my job experience, and I went into my search for employment thinking that it would be a piece of cake.

Surely it wasn’t. At first there was a lot of rejection, and slowly my confidence began to slip. I felt like I was unemployable. But what really pumped me up and got me job-ready was finding great resources that polished my job-searching skills, and let me know of opportunities that suited me, that I never even knew were available. Now, I am by no means an expert in this area, but I am lucky enough to have come across many useful student resources that have helped me in finding a summer job. These resources have provided me with employment opportunities that suit my interests and needs as a student. These include…

Trent Student Job Board

This resource is great for students looking for part-time or full-time work during the summer or school year. It narrows searches based on what you are looking for—ranging from global opportunities, to local businesses, to even jobs on campus. This can be accessed under the “support” section of your myTrent account.

YMCA Employment Centres

Drop in to a YMCA Employment centre to sign up for their student summer jobs program, where they will help you fix up your resume, and will introduce you to a job postings binder that you can sort through. They will even be able to do a “mock interview” with you previous to an upcoming interview! The YMCA Employment Centre is located at the intersection of Rossland and Garden St in Whitby, and will give you many postings for the Whitby, Ajax, and Oshawa areas. The John Howard building at Brock and Dundas in Whitby also lists many opportunities in the Whitby area.

Municipal and Regional Websites

Having a job with a City or Town is a great experience. There are many positions offered in the Durham region in municipal facilities ranging from summer camps programs to general maintenance. These are perfect for University and College students. At you can find great summer opportunities that can often relate specifically to your field of study during the school year. Be sure to look for these opportunities early, because their recruiting period usually starts in early April! There are some great opportunities here that you won’t want to miss out on.


Finding that perfect summer job is hard, no doubt. But once you know about resources like these ones that are out there to help you, the whole process doesn’t seem so scary.

Happy Job-hunting!

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