TDSA Executives: Who’s Who 2016/2017

Written by: Billie Clark

Tomorrow is the day: the Summer Academic Kickstart!  If you’re coming out to the event, you are sure to meet a lot of the fantastic staff, students, and faculty that you’ll find at TrentU Durham.  But even if you aren’t able to make it tomorrow, here’s a quick introduction to three students that will be working hard to ensure the 2016/2017 year is the best one at TrentU Durham, yet—the Trent Durham Student Association executives.

The TDSA is the body within TrentU Durham that represents the students to the staff, faculty, and even outside the TrentU Durham campus.

Tiffany Tuttle is maintaining her role as the Administrative Coordinator, and can be found in the TDSA office, located just before you reach room 121, across from the Trent Café.  I was able to interview this year’s TDSA executives to find out who they, and what they’re hoping to accomplish this year as our executives.


Joe exec picture
Joe Cassidy-Skof, President of the TDSA

Joe, a fourth-year English Literature major, is the President of the TDSA for this school year.  He is going to be working to get the students at TrentU Durham more engaged in the TDSA, and more aware of the services that the TDSA provides to the students—including the new Health and Dental plan that is being implemented this year.  Joe is also going to be focusing on an organizational review, to continue ensuring accountability and transparency.  He is always willing to hear any comments, concerns, or just chat; you can find him in the TDSA office, or you can email him at


kayla exec pic 2
Kayla Smith, Vice-President of University Affairs

This year, our Vice-President of University Affairs is Kayla, a fourth-year Psychology major.  Kayla is going to be working to develop sense of community among the TrentU Durham, as well and working to ensure the wellness of the students.  While working as the VPUA, Kayla will be representing student concerns, especially with regards to academics, accessibility, fundraising, and student opportunities.  She is more than open to talking to the students about anything they need advocacy for, or anything they need help with.  She, like Joe, can be found in the TDSA office, or can be reached by email at


jac exec pic 2
Jaclyn Hruby, Vice-President of Campus Life

Last, but not least, of our TDSA executives for the 2016/2017 is Jaclyn.  Jac is a fourth-year English major, and is the Vice-President of Campus Life for this year.  Her aim this year is to create a good balance between small scale and large scale events on campus.  She is planning to work with the students and clubs, and is hoping to gain more involvement on campus.  Her main goal of the year is to get incoming students more involved in the TDSA and Board of Directors, so they become more active in the TrentU Durham community earlier in their academic careers.  If you have any questions about clubs, events, or on-campus involvement—or anything else—Jaclyn can be found in the TDSA office, or reached by email at


For any more information on the roles of the TDSA, you can check out their website here, or look through some of the previous blog posts about last year’s executives here.

And, if you need a bit more info on tomorrow’s Kickstart, you can click here!  See you tomorrow, if you’re at the orientation, or when the school year starts!

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