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Written by: Billie Clark

If you’re reading this, it means you’ve found your way onto the TrentU Durham Student Life Blog.  Thanks so much for checking us out!

My name is Billie and I am the Chief Editor of the Student Life Blog.  I have just recently completed my Undergrad at TrentU Durham, and am entering the Human Resource Management Post-grad Certificate program that is being offered here.  If you’d like to check out some of the amazing experiences I’ve had through TrentU Durham, including my year as an exchange student in the UK, you can click here.

But before that, I would like to introduce you to the purpose of the Student Life Blog.  This blog is written by and for the students of Trent University Durham, and it details and explores our unique university and campus experience, including events, elections, classes, and the TrentU Durham community as a whole.  We are also a platform through which students can express their opinions, thoughts, and ideas on their individual experiences at TrentU Durham, while also allowing our writers to explore and share different aspects of themselves, their experiences, and their hobbies.  We have had everything from the coverage of the most recent Federal election, to book reviews, to fashion and style guides, to tips for surviving university and enjoying the TrentU Durham experience, appear on this blog.  And we want more!

As of right now, the blog has about five or six full-time writers, as well as four or five more part-time contributors, and two editors besides myself.  You might think that that is a rather large staff, especially considering we only started up last year, but we are hoping to get even more writers and editors.  While our group is eclectic, it is still missing writers from many areas of our TrentU Durham community—including, but certainly not limited to, incoming TrentU Durham students, club representatives, and students from all programs and majors.

Mary Prior, an editor and writer for the Student Life Blog, believes that the Blog is “an awesome way to get involved—especially if you have a busy schedule, because you can write/edit whenever works best for you!” At present, our full-time writers contribute about 2 blogs a month, and are able to choose when works best for them, and what they’d like to write about.  There is a lot of freedom and opportunity to share what YOU think is interesting, important, or even disappointing about your TrentU Durham experience.

Katie Cassin, a long-time reader and recent writer for the Blog, thinks that “it’s a great way to feel more connected to TrentU Durham, by informing students of different things that they may not be aware of on campus, and learning from many of the posts written by your peers.”  The connection to the TrentU Durham community is something we strive for, and aim to achieve.  We want our posts to be relevant, interesting, and personal—they reflect our individual writers, and different aspects of the TrentU Durham experience.

TrentU Durham is a unique campus, a university experience that is totally different from anything else, as far as I know.  And writing for the Student Life Blog allows you to share, reflect on, and collect these memories, oddities, and wonderful singularities that encapsulate the TrentU Durham community, campus, and life.  So if you want to share your fears about coming to university, or transferring from college, or taking the WRIT course; to track your progress through your psych class, or revel in the world of business, or rhapsodise about your favourite clubs on campus; to discuss politics on a campus, or provincial, or global level; or if all you want is to build your own online portfolio and practice your writing or editing skills… The possibilities are nearly endless, and no two experiences are ever the same, so there is no need to hold back.

JOIN THE STUDENT LIFE BLOG! (<– it’s a link, so go ahead and click it)

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