Throwback: “You Know You’re a Trent U Durham Student When…”

Written by: Julia DiPalo

Being at TrentU Durham is honestly one of my favourite things to tell people when I meet them. I love the campus, the size, the intimacy, and the close-knit student-faculty bond that the school allows you to have. There are many things that are typical TrentU Durham traits that most students reading this will already know. You know you’re a Trent Durham student when…

  1. You have to explain where TrentU Durham is because not many people know or that it is exists to begin with
  2. When your professors recognize you and know your name rather than just as a number
  3. When you can’t get away with not showing up to class because your class has a total of 25 students
  4. When you, along with all of your friends, are terrible at math (liberal arts school)
  5. When all of your friends from other schools complain that they are paying hundreds or thousands of dollars in parking fees and you are sitting there like “sucks to be you-mine’s free”
  6. When WRIT-1001 showed you how bad your grammar and writing was and now you’re writing like a champion
  7. When you sit down in the chairs/couches in the atrium and could definitely fall asleep
  8. When you can email your professors directly and don’t have to go through a teaching assistant
  9. When you know how freezing cold room 121 is compared to the rest of the school
  10. When you and your friends pretty much have the same schedule

There are a lot of things about TrentU Durham that make it as amazing as it is and these are only a few basic ones. TrentU Durham is exactly what I was looking for in a university; its small, intimate, and just has a very welcoming and warm vibe.

This post was originally posted on the Student Life Blog on February 24, 2016, and can be found here. Julia was attending her first year at TrentU Durham when this blog was originally posted.  This post has the honour of being the Most Popular blog ever published on the Student Life Blog!

If you are a student interested in sharing your experiences as you enter TrentU Durham, and want to join the Student Life Blog team, click here.

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