New Student Orientation

Written by: Billie Clark

Well, we are already into September!  Yesterday, witches and wizards all over Britain were boarding the Hogwarts Express, and our own classes at TrentU Durham are starting up next week.

But don’t worry!  If it’s your first year at TrentU Durham, either fresh from high school, or transferring from another institution, we’ve got something happening to make the transition easier—New Student Orientation.

The Fall Orientation is a two-day event for incoming students, filled with fun activities to get you connected with your peers, Profs, and upperclassmen, and to help you get comfortable with the classes and campus.

The Transfer Student meet-and-greet starts at 1 pm on Tuesday, September 6, followed by Pre-Orientation activities at 2—including DODGEBALL! (Or, if you aren’t into that, there will also be a social happening at the same time, and you can mix and mingle with other students and staff.)  At 3, you will get to meet your team for the two days of Orientation, and spend some time getting to know each other.

The Opening Ceremony is at 3:30 on the Tuesday, then there’s a drum circle.  I can say from personal experience (having attended three Fall Orientations at TrentU Durham) that the drum circle is a fantastic experience, and an absolute blast — the energy is amazing, and it is worth the sore hands.

The rest of the afternoon will include different activities, challenges, and competitions.  After dinner on campus, there will be an evening party!  Tuesday is going to be a great day, and it will give you an opportunity to get to know some of your classmates, some of the staff, and some of the older students.

Wednesday, September 7, is Day Two of the Orientation.  This is the day that will really prepare you for classes at TrentU Durham.  There will be workshops, as well as the Think Tank.  Don’t forget to come prepared to the Orientation on Wednesday by checking out the resources on Blackboard, in the “Trent Durham First Year 2016” class group!  You’ll want to make the most of the day, because it will help get you back into school mode after a summer off.

Wednesday’s Orientation day starts at 10 am, and goes until 3:30, and includes lunch.

Check out the Orientation info on the TrentU Durham website by clicking here, and don’t forget to submit a photo for your Student ID and Bus Pass if you haven’t yet—otherwise you won’t be able to get one.

snapchat trentu

Check us out on Facebook and Twitter for more info, and you can stream the Tuesday Orientation on Instagram and Snapchat–we’re @TrentUDurham on all of our social media!

Looking forward to seeing you all Tuesday, and feel free to say Hi!

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