YOUR City of Oshawa Gym Membership

Written by: Katie Cassin

As Trent students, we have access to many services and resources that are incredibly useful. They’re usually things that I as a student, am not aware of or terrified of asking about. Our gym membership was something that fell under both of those categories for me, in my first few years at Trent.

But, after someone pushed me to check it out and finally take the plunge to get my membership card, I realized that we as students have really hit the jackpot with our memberships. So, for any seasoned or new students wondering about it, here’s what I can say about it…

The Membership Includes:

  • Access to 3 City of Oshawa fitness centres. These gyms include the Civic Centre (just across from campus), Legends Centre (on Harmony Rd, a newer facility which is great for those living on UOIT residence) and the South Oshawa Community Centre.
  • Access to the outdoor track at the civic centre and the indoor track at Legends.
  • Leisure skate and swim. All you have to do is scan your card, and get working on those laps!
  • Drop-in programs at the civic (just not soccer or batting practice.

Getting your card:

    This year it’s a breeze! Your membership card should be available to pick up with your bus pass.

And that’s it!

I was a little hesitant when I first started going, but I stuck with it, and it’s been a great stress reliever. Hope to see you at the Civic something in between classes!

If you’re looking for more information, check out these sites, they will answer any questions you may have: The TDSA website and the City of Oshawa website.

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