Online Courses—Another Way to Learn

Written by: Billie Clark

I’m sure that you’ve all received the same email from the Trent University Student Accounts service reminding you that the Fall Course Register/Drop deadline is tomorrow.  This deadline means that you can add or drop courses without financial penalty—although you do need to make sure that you aren’t making any changes that impact any scholarships, bursaries, or OSAP funding you’re receiving.

If you’re looking to replace a course and but can’t find anything at the TrentU Durham campus you want to take, and don’t want to go all the way to Peterborough, there is another option: Online Courses!

I, personally, have never taken an online course offered by Trent University; I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to balance the work and the readings without a classroom setting and multiple voices in a physical discussion.  But I spoke to couple students I know who have taken online courses.

Katie, a fourth-year English Literature major, Cultural Studies minor, took an online course this past summer term.  She was looking for something to take to keep herself busy for part of the summer and found an online Cultural Studies course that she found really interesting.

Aimee, a fourth-year English Literature major, has taken several online courses throughout her time as a TrentU Durham student.  She likes the freedom and flexibility that online courses allow, especially considering that she also works during the school year.

Both Aimee and Katie recognize that online courses are different from in-class lectures.  Katie found that she relied more on herself as a student while taking online courses—she would put more effort into understanding and problem solving before seeking the professor, and was often able to achieve success on her own.  Aimee like the self-teaching aspect, which relied on her own efforts in reading and understanding, and the amount of time she was able to devote to both.

Of course, online courses aren’t just sitting in front of a computer once and a while and expecting to come out of it with high marks—you have to put in the effort to succeed.  Both Katie and Aimee found that they had to ensure that they managed their time appropriately in order to complete their courses.  They both found that online courses in the summer terms allow for extra focus on course content, but that time management and improved study habits were extremely important.

Online courses aren’t just offered during the summer: they are available right now! If you are looking for more course offerings, or want to try a different style of classroom or learning, think about online courses.  It’s probably a bit sudden for this term’s add/drop deadline, but there is always the Winter term.  If you’re interested, make an appointment with Craig and see what your options are.

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